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About Lily Miles

My Story


Our brand name Lily Miles comes from my daughter. Lily is my daughter's first name. At weekends, we often go for a hike for a few miles as a family. Lily enjoyed walking with her brother and us. We always had a good time walking miles together. We picked "Miles" as part of our brand name representing this family ritual. It also has a great meaning - a long way to go, which stands for perseverance.

I'm a mother of two and I strive for healthy life style for my family. When it comes to designs, I always think from customers' perspective. I value quality without compromising styles.


Lily Miles products were built for busy moms with newborns or young kids. My goal is to incorporate functions and versatility in a stylish way for every product that I designed.


Hope you love my products and reach out to me with any questions.