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My felt diaper caddy

Share how you are using the felt diaper caddy

Soft cloth diaper caddy

The thick, soft, cloth diaper caddy

New product ideas

What problem do you wish to solve, or how you temporarily resolved a problem, and you are looking for a good solution

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thoughts, ideas, questions, answers, whatever is on your mind :-)
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  • The first thing that comes to my mind is... Thank you for supporting our product! It has given me the motivation to design and evaluate several more product ideas. While we are not inventing anything new, we believe we can put in effort to make existing product a little better, a little closer to being the perfect addition to your home or your life. Your will agree that our products stand out from similar products in aesthetic, quality, and utility. We strongly believe that once you feel, touch, and use our product, you will understand and be our fan!
  • Lily Miles pride ourselves in making simple everyday products that embrace quality and style. Sure diaper caddy is not a necessity, but just seeing Lily Miles diaper caddy one can sense the style, and touching it one feels its quality. It is just different from all the other similar products. If you have thoughts on other daily products that is just not up to your standard, feel feel to share in these forums. We all deserve the best.
  • Stayed tuned; we have found the perfect fabric and construction worthy of the Lily Miles brand! This new caddy is made of soft fabric, yet holds its shape. It's cushioned and has clean lines that will look great in a baby's room. It should arrive in Amazon by end of August, and we will keep you posted :-)

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